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Processing Environmental Big Data in the Browser for Science

Mozfest London, UK Talk Abstract

We should split the session into roughly three activities, with the final one being totally open ended. This caters for most ability levels and will allow everyone to fill the entire session.

One - My first Jupyter Notebook

This should either be an example notebook or a blog post for people who are totally unfamiliar with Jupyter Notebooks to follow through. It would be nice if it included some Jade specific examples such as getting data from our buckets.

This session may be as far as some people get if they are totally unfamiliar with Python and data science tools. So we should point them to some resources which they could follow and will let them explore the basics quite thoroughly. This also means we can leave them to it and focus on the interesting people.

Two - Multiprocessing in Python

An overview of out data formats and the multiprocessing paradigm. Again this could be an example notebook or a blog post with some specific demonstrations using our data. Even if it is just a simple mean of a few gigabytes of data. It could be nice to do a small amount of data serially and then in parallel and time each one.

Three - Data Science!!

The final activity should be a challenge to take our data, mix it with data from elsewhere, and produce something useful (preferably a pretty notebook). We should also be trying to do this ourselves when not helping beginners with activities one and two.