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Quick and dirty way to pre-pull container images on Kubernetes

2 minute read #kubernetes, #containers

Sometimes when I give live demos with Kubernetes clusters I want to make sure that the container images I’m going to use are already pulled onto all of the nodes in my cluster. The last thing I want is for a Pod to be created to then sit in a Pending state while an image is pulled, especially given how large containers can be in the Data Science space.

I could run my demo through once ahead of time and clean up any resources, but if my cluster has multiple nodes I can’t guarantee the same Pods will land on the same nodes.

To avoid this I use a little DaemonSet that will ensure all images are pulled onto every node.

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: DaemonSet
  name: prepuller
      name: prepuller
        name: prepuller
      # Configure an init container for each image you want to pull
        - name: prepuller-1
          # Set the image you want to pull
          image: ORG/IMAGE:TAG
          # Use a known command that will exit successfully immediately
          # Any no-op command will do but YMMV with scratch based containers
          command: ["sh", "-c", "'true'"]

        # - name: prepuller-2
        #   image: ...
        #   command: ["sh", "-c", "'true'"]

        # etc...

      # Use the pause container to ensure the Pod goes into a `Running` phase
      # but doesn't take up resource on the cluster
        - name: pause
          image: gcr.io/google_containers/pause

Once you’ve applied this DaemonSet you can watch the pre-puller Pods and once they are all in a Running phase you know the images have been pulled.

Using a DaemonSet is also neat because if you scale the cluster and add new nodes the images will be pulled automatically.

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