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The three types of fun

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According to folks who enjoy outdoor activities there are three types of fun. I’ve been using this scale for a while to categorize my own enjoyment of things and wanted to share my version.

Type I

The first type of fun is the most basic and generic form of fun. It is fun while you do it, it makes you happy in the moment, it often doesn’t last much past that. This includes activities such as riding a rollercoaster or playing with a puppy.

Family on a rollercoaster

Type II

The second type of fun is a little more complex, it isn’t necessarily fun in the moment and doesn’t give instant gratification, but in the long term after you make some progress you feel enjoyment and satisfaction. This includes activities like hiking, running or trying to beat the final boss on a video game.

Group of people hiking

Type III

The third type of fun is not fun at all. You do not enjoy doing it and you do not ever want to repeat the experience. The pleasure here comes from telling people about the experience. This could include things like the time you broke your tooth while playing rugby or when you dropped your phone down the toilet. It’s not a pleasant thing to experience but it makes for excellent pub banter.

People playing rugby


I feel like to really enjoy life you need to try and get a good balance of these types of fun. Type I fun is like sugar, its great and gives you a rush but gets sickly quite quick and the enjoyment doesn’t last long. Type II is more like your carbs, it will keep you content for longer if you put in the effort. Type III is like that time you tried to make your own pasta from scratch and it turned out as a sloppy inedible mess, it wasn’t satisfying at all but it makes you appreciate every time you buy dried pasta.

As always thanks to Unsplash for the photos.

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