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How to make screen recordings in OS X Mavericks 10.9

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Did you know that you don’t need any additional software to make high quality, watermark free screen recordings in OS X Mavericks 10.9? Well this feature exists and it’s in a slightly unexpected place … QuickTime Player.


How to make a screen recording with QuickTime Player

  • Launch QuickTime Player from your Applications.

  • Click “File” -> “New Screen Recording”

Screen Recording

  • This will bring up the “Screen Recording” dialogue.

  • Click the red recording icon on the dialogue box.

Screen Recording

  •  You will then be given the option to click once to record the whole screen or to drag a box over the area you want to record.

Screen Recording

  • So say for example you want to record the contents of your browser window but nothing else you can just drag a box over the window, and don’t worry about not being perfectly accurate with your box as you will be able to modify it before you start recording.

Screen Recording

  • You will see in the middle of the recording area a “Start Recording” button. Once you’re happy with your recording area click that and away you go.

  • Then once you’re done recording you just click the “Stop” icon on the toolbar next to the clock.

Screen Recording

  • Your new screen recording will open in QuickTime player and you just need to press “⌘ + S” to save it.
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