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Mac OS X Terminal Theme: Piperita

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UPDATE – This project is now at version 2. See the Piperita GitHub page for up to date documentation and information.


I spend a lot of my day staring at a Mac terminal, so I decided to find a nice theme and tweak the prompt. I found a theme called Peppermint designed by Noah Frederick which I began using. However I didn’t like the way the prompt looks, I like the way the default prompt looks but I don’t like some of the settings like displaying the full path.

So I decided to create my own theme based on Peppermint which includes the colour scheme from Peppermint and my own bash configuration to make full use of those colours.


I’ve also decided to port this scheme to every terminal I use starting with iTerm 2.


If you want to get hold of this theme for yourself you can find it here on GitHub along with instructions on how to install it.

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