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Ubuntu setup 2010

1 minute read #linux, #ubuntu

I am now happy with my Ubuntu installation. After a small hiccup earlier where it decided not to do an update properly, disable my mouse and keyboard and then ask for a password for them to be re-enabled. Solved with a trusty USB mouse and onscreen keyboard. I have managed to find a PHP/HTML/JS editor to my liking. I have looked through a few more since my post last night and have settled on Komodo. It highlights my code properly, auto completes functions and even highlights closing tags when you select the opening one which is going to make my life with tables and divs a hell of a lot easier. Definitly a viable replacement for Dreamweaver as the only thing I missed was the colour scheme which has easily been remedied in the settings.

I also made the biggest mistake of my Linux career which was to install an OS X theme pack. It did the trick and made it mostly look like OS X. The login screen was almost indistinguishable and the dock was helpful but rather tiresome after a while. I did very quickly remove it but I must thank it’s developer for inadvertently enabling transparency in my compiz-fusion which I thought impossible without 3D drivers.

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